Clients Speak

Mind Transform Workshop has speeded up my journey to reach my destiny.

- Neelam Vats, Yoga Teacher

A seminar that change my life and motivated me a lot.

- Ankush, Student

Very good workshop presented by Raman sir. Definitely my mind has transformed after this workshop. My definition of certain things like destiny, ego etc has changed. My Perception of looking at things has changed. I am sure this workshop will definitely change the life of many people. I wish Raman sir good luck and looking forward for more workshops. Thanks

- Arunima (Counselor)

The workshop enhanced the capabilities of my mind and personality. Now I can feel energetic, enthusiastic and positive towards my work and actions. In the real sense, the skills and qualities that are endowed to me by the almighty have been extraordinary now and I shall be very grateful to Mr. Raman, who showed me the path towards success and paved the ways of my life.
Now I am in high spirits.
So, thank you so much sir to contribute and to play a portal role in my life and to boost my mind power.

- Mohit Bhushan Singhal (Teacher)

I did not imagine what this workshop can do before it started… Now after the end of the workshop I can definitely say that it has changed my way to think & live life …. I am sure this will change my life and it will be new & better life for me & my family, Thank you so much Raman sir. I appreciate the same with my heart.

- Sumedha Anand, CA

I did not know that what is mind power but after attending this workshop I am aware about it in a well manner. I got motivated and have set my goals. Moreover, I feel energetic now and I am sure that I am on right path, it happened because of you Raman sir, Thank you so much.

- Nitin Sharma, Cricketer

My session of motivation and mentoring with Mr.Raman Kumar began when I was completely clueless about my career. I had stuck to a point with no ahead movement possible. And at that time Mr.Raman came as a mentor, guide, and motivator.
He was no less than a strong pillar beside you to support you. As mentorship is a relationship in which a more knowledgeable and experienced person helps to guide a less knowledgeable person, he played the exact.
He is a man with extreme knowledge of diverse fields and a kind hearted person who is always keen to help you with whatever problem you have. His refined communication skills and friendly behavior makes you even more comfortable to open up.
He didn’t just act as a mentor to me but a motivational speaker. His thoughts and words have helped me a lot to channelize my energies for my good. Like a perfect motivational speaker he understood what my problems were and how they needed to be catered. Along with that, he was ever attentive towards my upcoming studies. He has always been a support in true sense. As he was all the time more conscious, more concerned, more serious and worried towards my career issues.
A man like him is all what you want, when you are in need.
Thank you for being there.

- Ria Dua, Business Development Manager