Signature Program

Signature program is based on above quote written and lived by Optimisto, Founder & CEO of "Optimisto Life Skills Development". Optimisto has inspired many by this program through directing, showing and guiding about way of living, how one should make his life magnified. He states clearly the difference between Living, Lifetime and Life. And, how one should enjoy his Life, however, living cannot be enjoyable all the time, it is a proven truth.

He firmly believes that life is immortal, we are abundant and perfect. Our creators created us with all the pre-requisites. Lifetime is to explore, discover and experiencing through living. living is not complete unlike life. We should focus on life. In supporting you can understand through the wisdom words of the great Galileo, "We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves."

This 2 days basic and 5 days advanced program benefits you in your personal, professional and social lives in the form of finding vision, mission, goals, relationships, communication, business, hidden talents, human potential, wealth, wisdom, health, prosperity and abundance in all aspects of LIFE.